Edinburgh local,chimney repair 

Turner and sons Chimneys
Edinburgh Chimney repair and removal services in Edinburgh

Whatever work you need done on your chimney from complete removal or harling repair, turner & sons offer chimney repair and emergency services like this repair in saughton Edinburgh where we removed the defective cope did rough cast granite wet dash maybe painted , haunchings structural part of chimney , water ingress from ???  

There was 2 live gas fires we fitted the correct chimney cans and gas cowl to prevent water ingress that may help cause further damp issues.

Turner & sons Chimney Repair in Edinburgh
Chimney repair in the Edinburgh area, Turner sons can offer chimney repairs which range from fixing small cracks or pointing repairs before they get any worse through to replacing the flashing at the foot of the chimney stack to prevent water ingress for chimney repairs in Edinburgh.

Need your chimney, or roof overhauled call us now to organise a no obligation quotation 
Turner and sons undertake all chimney repairs in Edinburgh.

If you’ve noticed any problems with your chimney, call us now for on

Tel : 0131 215 1051

Mob: 07534154968



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